Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi-Fi :: Bg

I've always dreamed about some Hi-Fi quality equipment for my music which accompanies me every day, most of the time. I also realised that a decent sound system would cost me quite more than a few  thousands and I still couldn't enjoy it fully living in an apartment, in the middle of a city.. so, after saving some gold, I bought some mad stuff that trully changed my entire understanding of headphone listening and.. life (?). I'll never feel the same about headphones from now on -_-' Hi-Fi Audio-Technica + Amplifier.
btw, did you know that there are portable amplifiers for Hi-Fi headphones? well.. there ARE.

talking about music, I'll be sharing an epic latest S├ębastien Tellier's single "Cochon Ville". enjoy .)


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