Saturday, March 17, 2012

PAUZAK :: cubicle

I was gone for quite some time.. so here's the news, shortly:

Last 5 months were a blast. After a full-one-year freelance work at home, I finally got myself a pretty big one client and been working as a character concept artist via small agency in LT from day to day.

I also had to go 'mobile' - found myself some everyday friends - a decent Targus backpack, intuos4 M, WD 1Tb 3.0 hdd and a laptop. Here's the little beastly thing - HP 8460p. Now I can work anytime and anywhere!

And hers's the exterior of my cubicle. It's slightly decorated with an A0 poster of my logo thanks to BOLD&BRIGHT studio. Really good job on the print quality as well by

guess, folks, this is it for now..


Anonymous said...

Awesomene Paul! Nice to see that something can go in the right direction for you!

~Anthony said...

Im happy things are rolling for you !!! :)
- Anthony

PAUZAK said...

hey guys!! thanks! .) yeah, been moving a bit forward recently.. but I wouldn't say I'm all tightened up, you know. only some fixed-term employment contracts. but I guess that's good too! :D hope to get in touch with you both some time.

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