Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy :: 2012

Hail Ineta Aluzaite, da cookie mastah!

Ineta, my fiancee, made a pile of cookies and we went to my hometown, the west coast, for the Merry Holidays. Had a really great time with some friends and family. Been at sea at night time, visited some bars and restaurants, even went to a fancy concert in the NY eve! ..After those few years skipping all this fun - it was like wow! Miss all this already. Hope you guys had a nice time too!

All the best!

p.s. big thanks to my friends JB and Siga for the 2-day-tour. you guys are neat!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you have finally posted the chritmaselfs :D Nice. Cute cookies.
Also, I visited your girlfriends blog. She seems to be very talented aswell! I did not dare to tell her, beacause maybe she will think that I am a freak. So you can tell her that from me instead :)


PAUZAK said...

:DD I did tell. she laughed and asked me to deliver you a big thanks! .) really nice of you to drop by
yeah, there used to be a hulk in the bg as a christmastree tied up in lights, but I changed the theme so... yeah, here are the elfs.

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