Friday, September 16, 2011

Fionna and Cake :: FanArt

One of my favourite TV series.. :B Go see "Adventure Time" with Fiona the human and Cake the cat episode if you haven't!! .)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer End :: HP zr30w

Boy did I had the toughest summer this year.. Anyways, I finally had my 'summer' vacation last week, though it's Autumn already.. Some really nice and peaceful time at my parents by the sea, and at my old village..

Also, my older monitor (2y old) overheated during the hot summer or smth :| and I decided to order a new one - mega-beast HP zr30w (2560x1600) - best 30' incher there is (hell yeah..). + HP also took care of my lp2475w - I received a new unit. So here's my up to date 'base-of-operations':

I already tested it yesterday and did some sketching. No dead pixels, perfect natural colors, no reflections, etc.. Reeeeeaally happy 'bout this candy. Worth every extra night spend working.

Ok, getting back on track..