Thursday, April 07, 2011

I am on :: FFFFOUND!

Woooah.. Today I've got the honour to be bookmarked on "FFFFOUND!" - one of the greatest resource and inspiration pages on the whole web!! Tis' nice to have your work appreciated once in a while.. Helps to 'keep on keep it on' you know .)

I'd like to thank those mentioning this piece.
Originally posted via: Drawing Night :: Love is Black in Red


niazique said...

Поздравляю. Я нашел твой блог и подписался на него благодаря этой картинке в фаунде. Очень клево все.

PauZak said...

да у тебя тоже приколний веб-сайт!
respect .)

Shoki said...

Well deserved, PauZak!

PauZak said...

thanks!! .)

Anonymous said...

great piece!

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