Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dead :: or Alive

Being a freelance is quite tough sometimes, meaning to be flexible during all kinds of small commissions. And jumping from one project to another may require a lot of concentration, endurance and nerves.
Quite a few friends noticed me that they're still watchin' and were curious on how are things going for pauzak. To be honest, there have passed too little time for me as a freelancer to have smth concrete to say. I'm still pondering what to do next, and yet still looking for a decent place to sattle down or be a part of. Few things are obvious here in Lt for illustrators - the press is dying, literally (I didn't get any proper reply from any of the bigger publishing house during the last couple of months), most of the little firms are corrupted and always try to make big money out of total zero (like, not paying for commissions they order). The advertising agencies seems to be the only proper source, if you have sence on how things rule in the market. All in all, everything is pretty fucked-up and the less you have friends in bussines, the more chances there are for you to end up in a carton box :/

One of the small-few days commission - character base mesh for sculpting.

I'm not able to show concepts, storyboards or other recent work, as I'm pretty sure the owners could get really pissed-off and I would get in trouble. I'll probably post em' laterzz..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

UAB "Meslita" :: Awarded

The silly joke with the logo design competition went pretty well, and I was awarded for the best logo design for the fictious UAB "Mėslita" brand on humorous TV show "Dviračio šou". I even got to participate in filming one of the show series. + news spread all over the lithuanian media.

A "decorative" smoked sausage and a TV channel "LNK" bounty collection for fans - some attractions you may pick up to try out (such as drivng a "drift" sports car, paragliding, tennis/golf/... lessons and more)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

I am on :: FFFFOUND!

Woooah.. Today I've got the honour to be bookmarked on "FFFFOUND!" - one of the greatest resource and inspiration pages on the whole web!! Tis' nice to have your work appreciated once in a while.. Helps to 'keep on keep it on' you know .)

I'd like to thank those mentioning this piece.
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