Tuesday, February 08, 2011

KOEI :: Office Shut Down

Me and my few ex-coworkers, going for a new job.. "The only job that's left to go for after registering to a Lithuanian Labor Exchange nowadays".. And yes. I just got officially uneployed.

The figure on the left - vagiZ. He's asking to take him along. The big dude is Shliosas.
And of course me, on the right :)
The idea was originally pulled-off via chat in a private skype ExKOEI chat-room yesterday.


Shoki said...

Sorry to hear you lost your job :( I'm sure you'll get a new one with your fantastic art.

PauZak said...

thanks for the support. I know there are a lot of folks like myself.. for ex. - a few huge game companies just got closed in UK as well this season'.. lets just hope we'll make it to better times somehow .) this is not the end of the world or smth.life goes on.. I guess.
+ thnx for dropping by. have a good day, Shoki!

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