Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bird Love :: porn comics?

As I'm constantly not happy about how little spare time I have for myself after I get home from work, I'm still spending my 'zombie' evenings, or even nights, drawing stuff, or just practising.. I even got my extremely detailed anatomical dissection models as a reference material (anatomytools.com). shipped right from CA, USA last month. must say it's far more handy than some anatomy books or images.

hommade office with Male and Female v1 figures

a 1:1 copy of a real deal, 1:3 male skull

The piece on the screen is a cover sketch for my personal project I was working on recently. Unfortunately the thing will barely see the daylight cos I was drawn away by other projects n stuff. so I'm posting this piece of scratch, and hope to get back to it next year, maybe.

cover sketch for the european style hentai manga (pornographic comics) "Bird Love"


3dideas said...

zer schon, i like it quite a lot. Have never seen love bird, but now looking at your image mightbe i will. *(sins i guess we'll not see your work in bookshops soon?) dam it....

PauZak said...

saludos, Mantas!
Love bird is under a huge question mark and as a non-profit project is being burried dead. the next year will show if I'll be able to move along with it, or should I exhibit the sketches so that it would be just a totall time loss.
btw, nice blog you have there! wow..
thnx for droppin by

Anonymous said...

Su dvejais ekranais patogiau dirbt?

PauZak said...

ipratau, kai prie mazo laptopo turejau normalu monitoriu ( http://pauzak.blogspot.com/2008/08/tool-of-trade-moving-forward.html ). nuo tada be vieno moniko butu kaip be vienos rankos :)) daaaug patogiau. darbe taip pat visi statos, ypac kas su grafika dirba. salia eskizai ar konceptai, - kitam darbas kiek imanoma didesniame plote .)

PauZak said...

ta prasme, pirmasis gali but net visiskai paprastas, pigus.. maziau makles ir langu darynejimo, klaidziojimo

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