Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update :: W.I.P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SC2 :: FanArt

Some little drawing I made before the epic StarCraft2 realease. Best strategy game evah! it was a long 12 years of wait till the SC2.. don't know why this image was hiden somewhere on my hard drive...

basicly one layer color speedpaint.. a challange!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Storyboards :: 'Drawing Fever'

Several months ago, I was starting to feel really dull about drawing shit for myself at nights. And then, just like that, started to recieve commissions from some ad agencies, for drawing storyboards on weekends. Despite the quantity per terms, I should say, I like drawing them! More than anything else.. It's like drawing comics, in some way..

just a few scraps of random unused or cropped b&w snapshots'..

btw, I heared somewhere, that.. a drawing looks great only when you can see a good composition in every inch' of it.. say NO to: equal spaces, weights of light* and line thickness. learning has no end..

I'm also considering to open my own personal website, and.. may be drawing some poster stuff, just for fun. It IS challanging, because I never had a machine suitable for a bigger resolution than proper A3 print size, till now. Also, drawing a quality stuff.. I think I should try out some wectors or pen tool tricks first. OK, so.. I'll be back! .)
'----ssssssssssSSHHHAAZAAAM !!!----'

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bird Love :: porn comics?

As I'm constantly not happy about how little spare time I have for myself after I get home from work, I'm still spending my 'zombie' evenings, or even nights, drawing stuff, or just practising.. I even got my extremely detailed anatomical dissection models as a reference material ( shipped right from CA, USA last month. must say it's far more handy than some anatomy books or images.

hommade office with Male and Female v1 figures

a 1:1 copy of a real deal, 1:3 male skull

The piece on the screen is a cover sketch for my personal project I was working on recently. Unfortunately the thing will barely see the daylight cos I was drawn away by other projects n stuff. so I'm posting this piece of scratch, and hope to get back to it next year, maybe.

cover sketch for the european style hentai manga (pornographic comics) "Bird Love"