Monday, June 07, 2010

Workshop 2010 :: Feedback

Nop, I don't blame myself drawing such a plane scribble at the workshop event. Afterall, I was the guy, who lend his two laptops so that others could draw (and myself - get some beers and enjoy the show, mhohoho!) Yess, there were quite a few technical problems (such as a lack of projectors, pc..). argh, but whut the heck, it's the first digitalart non-profit-making workshop in Vilnius. I suspected it might not work out, but after a long day at the office, dinner at chinese, and 4 beers I didn't really much cared. Anyways, the dj was playin some fine music and I had a good time.

live sketching fragment (left) 22:30pm
(1:00h till show close down)

Oh, btw, we are invited to join and take part in the anual festival 'NowJapan' this Fall. we'll se about that.. I also heard someone is planning to make another workshop this year, a bigger one, with 2D & 3D graphics. I promisse to post alike information if such appears. Over and out.


Simauskas said...

Glad to see you're back here :]

Workshopas tai woohoo, tikimės, kad įsibėgės ir bus daugiau ir geriau!

PauZak said...

wooowee!! :)))

joa, zmones sake truko interktyvumo, na, nereiketu per daug tiketis pirmo tokio renginuko vilniuje.. juolab kai rengini ruoshe ish esmes vienas zmogus. anyways, dziugu kad buvo ne vienas pazistamas veidas, ar bent internetinis, mha! osom. o tau highfive, zmogau. smagu kad bent pasilabint ir persimest zodeliu priejai, nes nifiga nemaciau i toli, toliau kaip 2 metrai, nuo stalo :)) o kad bus dar, ir bus geriau tai reikmanyt. juolab kad jaunimo pasiruoshusio bus daugiau

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