Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3d/2d :: sketch

just a rough little feme model.. for a 'sketch'.
I should probably get a good night sleep....

done on XSI + PS

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TK :: Warriors: Legends of Troy

After a year at KOEI ('TECMO KOEI games' since 2010) I have been promoted to a character designer level 2, yay.. Time flies faster than I could ever imagine while working with huge projects. Now I'm used to do 3d graphics most of the time.. Project "Warriors: Legends of Troy" is more than a half way to it's end. + there are more upcoming games I'm having my hands on. I'll probably post some announcements after the games will be released.

Snapshots of the upcoming "Warriors: Legends of Troy" (gameplay). pictures via facebook

"Warriors: Legends of Troy" E3 Footage + small interview (game under development)

Lost n Found :: Wall

:)) Some dude grabin' my girls tit. Got this picture from my friend via facebook.
Night club wall, somewhere in Palanga. old times, mheh..
2005-2006 I guess. (pencil sketches)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Easy Paint Tool SAI :: Test 2

One of the interesting things I found on SAI while fooling around - you can edit your lineart (on a special layer) like vector graphics! osom.. It's like a little bit of PS and AI in one :p

Monday, June 07, 2010

Workshop 2010 :: Feedback

Nop, I don't blame myself drawing such a plane scribble at the workshop event. Afterall, I was the guy, who lend his two laptops so that others could draw (and myself - get some beers and enjoy the show, mhohoho!) Yess, there were quite a few technical problems (such as a lack of projectors, pc..). argh, but whut the heck, it's the first digitalart non-profit-making workshop in Vilnius. I suspected it might not work out, but after a long day at the office, dinner at chinese, and 4 beers I didn't really much cared. Anyways, the dj was playin some fine music and I had a good time.

live sketching fragment (left) 22:30pm
(1:00h till show close down)

Oh, btw, we are invited to join and take part in the anual festival 'NowJapan' this Fall. we'll se about that.. I also heard someone is planning to make another workshop this year, a bigger one, with 2D & 3D graphics. I promisse to post alike information if such appears. Over and out.