Monday, May 17, 2010

Flintas :: Tales of Petras Puplauskis

Limited Collectible edition of tales "Karžygio Petro Puplauskio nuotykiai ir pergalės" ("Adventures and Conquests of Petras Puplaukis the Valiant") written by Raimondas Jurgaitis. The book contains a collection of 20 stories about a knight P.Puplauskis, who lives in a Dreamland quite similar to Lithuanian country. Most of the tales (except the three new ones) were printed before in one of the most popular Lt children magazine "Flintas" 1997-1998.

The interesting part is that I had the honor to be involved and draw a few Illustrations for the new stories that were never published before. I got an invitation from the main artist Anderzak aka Andrius Zakšauskas for assistance in finishing this book and was asked to maintain the old lineart and coloring style. As I'm a big fan of Anderzak's artwork and familiar with his work from my childhood must say this was quite an exciting little challange :]

finished lineart. 2009.


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