Sunday, November 01, 2009

Morning Sketches :: Few Warm-ups

Looks like I'm not that into posting any new stuff on the intertnet anymore. hmm.. At least not as frequently as before. I was thinking of removing all my work online, cos it doesn't actually give me any avail. Especially after getting into a video game industry and working with copywrighted materials.. But friends kept telling me that deleting everything on internet would be not a good solution. So, I'm leaving this old crap to hang on and hope to get back from time to time to post some scraps.
After 5 months of hard work, I guess I can tell that getting into KOEI was a good decision. I really can't bitch about it - every day is a learning new stuff day. And learning new stuff makes me feel really good. Working with textures, 3D modelling, designs I never imagined I'd work with, and etc.. Even when I'm dead tired sometimes, knowing I'm in the right direction encourages me to stay cool and move forward.
Oh, btw, I've signed in for some extra drawing sessions once a week. We have a great young female ballet-dancer as a model. I'll see if there's a chance to post some of the sketches here later.