Friday, May 01, 2009

Space Tale :: pg.5-6 Preview

My minicomic "Space Tale" is almost done. I've decided not to agonize with it too much. Most of the artists like sketches for their loose fruition and energy. So do I (...). This is the final look of pages 5-6 after a little bit of experimenting with colors (sketchy though, but I kinda like it this way). Hope you dig it.

I think this is enough for the "sneak peek'ing". Next time I'm willing to post the whole deal.


Gediminas said...

Na, man labiau patiko juodai balta.

Ichtija said...

Neaaa man sitas butent spalvine gama kazkaip primena futurum styliu XDDD toks neiprastas ir bauginantis XDD bet truputi old style

Flasko said...

Gerai, gerai viskas. Tas oldshool sci-fi turi gelsva atspalvi :

Laukiam pabaigtuviu :]

PauZak said...

Gediminas, smagu kad bent kazkas patiko. "ura!" kai sakant :D buna blogiau. kt kart kitaip gal gausis.. vienodai stengiuos nedirbt.

Ichtija, yes, norejos turputeli bent spalvom "susvyruot" .)

Flasko, :)) gaaalll....

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