Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drawing Night :: Seku Seku Pasaka

A little illustration for an on-going on-line Lithuanian graphic tale - Seku Seku PasakÄ…. The fun part - anyone understanding that magical story may continue it!

The woman in cloak is death. She's threatening the king to take away his life unless he completes her three wishes. The sakura's blossom was a totall coincidence.. But it turned out with a point. For Japanese sakura symbolizes fleetingness of human life. And for Chinese - Feminine beauty.
artist for inspiration: otto von tod

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concept Art :: Archer

Never had an oportunity to make something like this with photoshop before..
Some random concept sketch. Wanted to draw smth a little bit more realistic.

Few evenings for this one. Turned out quite rational.. I know. And sketchy too.
Drawings like these need lots of time to work those details out..
Ah, what the heck. Other do-or-die work awaits x_x'

Monday, May 11, 2009

Favorite :: Colors

I was just making a recess, drinking coffee at 3:00 am (having a tough night).. and found this "Top Five Favorite Colors" picker on Facebook. So... finally I made a confession to myself - which ones are the actual colors that make me go slightly crazy:

100% black
, 30% black, white, RGB yellow and RGB magenta

The point is, I got some fresh ideas for my future work* and hope to use this pallet. Wha!
I guess SOMETIMES silly fun things might not just waste your time - ass-backwards! :]

Friday, May 01, 2009

Space Tale :: pg.5-6 Preview

My minicomic "Space Tale" is almost done. I've decided not to agonize with it too much. Most of the artists like sketches for their loose fruition and energy. So do I (...). This is the final look of pages 5-6 after a little bit of experimenting with colors (sketchy though, but I kinda like it this way). Hope you dig it.

I think this is enough for the "sneak peek'ing". Next time I'm willing to post the whole deal.