Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Censored :: Crap

Odd moments. It doesn't take long to make a simple doodle while chatting with your buddies, and there's only bonuses like a good quick exercise, experience, abilaty to try out some styles and etc..
I do scrabble quite a lot of crappy doodles that goes hiden in some dark places or right into the bin. Every artist draw crap time to time,- while warming up the wrist, working out some concepts, making practical jokes on some web forums (just like I used to), and so on.. Of course, most of em' just don't show it on galleries and blogs.

Here's some of my silly "censored" trash:


It doesn't make any sense posted here without the context, but..
who cares, right? SOME of you watchers might enjoy it, haha



Flasko said...

Užtikrinta optimizmo dozė :]

agne said...


PauZak said...

Flasko, vejai.. :))

agne, <:)

JTP said...

Krūūūtai. O ta animacija tai ypač jėga.

PauZak said...

JTP, :)) joa, 2d animacija ziauriai fainas dalykelis. tik kad bet koki marmala supiesht baisiai jau laiko nemazai uzima. kadrai..

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