Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Return :: Ratemydrawings

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here, so... I decided to have some fun checking this 'ratemydrawings' thing out right before i go to bed .)

a quick ~15min sketch made with an online softwere -
(subscribers should note that this video is visible only on my blog

Yeah, I wish I could draw THAT fast, lol.. Cool isn't it?!
If you wanna
show your friends some w.i.p. sketching,
you should totally try it out :]


I also wanted to say A BIG THANKS for all the messages and concern to all you guys! Really... that just kept me going, you know. Gladly it looks like my left eye is going to be just fine. Though, I must say, the last three weeks (almost without drawing!) were the worst in my life :| Feels like my drawing hand became lumpish :( gotto work that out!
ooook, back to work. I really need to catch up with my studies, othervise I wont finish them this year. See ya soon! <:]


Flasko said...

Hey hey :]
Po pertraukos piešiant dabar nuotaika gera, kaip niekad. Čia kaip palikti savo gyvenimą tris savaitėms, kad suprastum kaip jį myli.
Arba visiems trims metams..

PauZak said...

"kas tiesa tas ne melas" :D

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