Monday, January 26, 2009

Collab :: Justinas Račinskas + PauZak

Yesterday evening I was chatting with Justinas Račinskas (a well known Lithuanian cartoonist) and received a friendly request to color one of his strips. Well.. just for fun. And I did! Right after I opened my eyes this morning :] He's one of the daily published artists working in Lithuanian newspaper recently. And most of the Lithuanians are pretty familliar with his artwork.

External links: (his fresh deviantart account) (weekly strips online in Lt) (some of his artwork found at)

lineart Justinas Račinskas + PauZak colors


Rorkas said...

Ne nu apakes. Na truksta zodziu, Justinas kitoje dimensijoje. Super.

gedazz said...

Cia piktaz?

PauZak said...

Rorkas: pauzak dimension! :|

gedazz: tahjp! cia piktaz + pauzak :)

gedazz said...

Nu taip, supratau, kad dviese dirbot. Pasitikslinau del lineart'o :)

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