Saturday, November 01, 2008

Marker Quickies :: Life Drawngs

Everyday I'm having life drawing studies (5d a week minimum). Some might say it's quite a boredom. But hey, nothing comes easy, right? On the other hand, it is a luxury to have some half-naked / naked models. So, me and my mates here are drawing till our noses start to bleed.

Here's a snapshot of some little copic marker sketches I brought from the studio yesterday


Fabian said...

It's been so long since i made life drawings, maybe i should hire models. Your work is really cool, i discover your blog from your DA page. Great illustrations! I'll be around! Have a great weekend!

PauZak said...

hi, fabian.
sorry for the delay (some times we peaople really do get busy huh, mheh!)

yup, I think lifedrawing is kinda really good source of knowledge. and a good practice too... it sure adds some bonus skills :]

glad you dropped by! and thanks! :]

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