Monday, November 17, 2008

Blog Upgrade :: Vol.2

Ok, it was right about time to make this blog look like it is an artist's blog, right ? So here it is... Yes, I'm capable to work a little bit with CSS and HTML coding + Dreamweaver is one of the programs I had my hands on while making FOQS studio as well... But the thing is, anyone can play with html scripts. It's not some kind of magic or smth. And I'm not some supermegabumbastic programer either :) what I did here is more about designing and editing I think.

For those who want to make their blogs more handy and juicy, spare some time and wisit Tips For New Bloggers site for technical support. It sure helped me a lot. I mean, hold on at my blog's first look - right here.

I'd also suggest FeedBurner for those who want an invincible site counder and recieve all the feed and site stats (such as: subscribers, live hits, regions, even resolution and browser engines your visitors use, and etc!). It's just... brilliant. And free!

Now, a little bit about the title illustration:
I wanted to make my blog title to look more artistic than before and install some kind of illustration for representation. I won't dilate about the philosophic things and main idea (I guess everybody will judge it by their own mentality anyway)... The thing was, I wasn't quite sure about what kind of accomplishment would work for me at first, so I had a little time and 3 work-in-progress breaks to estimate things.

here's a sneak-peek:

also, snapshots of the background which remainds me of some kind of stylised decoration from the rococo, Victorian era ( ). I guess it must be an influence from M.Mignola's graphic novels. Boy, do I love his artwork...

I also decided to develop this drawing into a poster. It'll be a high rez A2 or A3 pic. If it'll look good I'll make it awailable for a print. we'll see about that. Meanwhile, I'm getting back to studies whitch is just killing me.

a work-in-progress poster:


agile. said...

my oh my! i love that little pink creature!

PauZak said...

very nice of you to drop by. thank you! <:]

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