Monday, September 22, 2008

Contest Winner :: "Gold Medallist"

Last month I made a post named Collab :: Patricio Betteo + PauZak about a fun little coloring contest on (announced by Patricio Betteo). Turned out I won "gold" and had an opportunity to make a request for a drawing. I just received it via e-mail in high-res so I could print it for my collection of drawings dedicated to me by other well-known artists. Look below - nice, huh? :)

"Seduce me" © Patricio Betteo

More from P.Betteo: betteo365.blogspot, deviantart page,
betteo.blogspot (mundos invisibles), "Never Ever After" (the latest book).


Flasko said...

Sveikyju :]
Į meeta turėsi atvažiuot! Kai susitarsim kada pagaliau daryt :D

PauZak said...

wha! :P

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