Monday, September 01, 2008

Academy Drawings :: Under My Bed

I've been having a bit tough time lately. So I haven't done any nice drawings for this week except for lousy sketches I'm not comfortable posting on blog... Anyways, I was doing a revision under my bed (you know, throwing all the crapy stuff, damaged pieces), making the pile of my old drawings a little bit smaller so I could close the catchall under my bed properly. Occasionally before I finished, I cooked up some pics so you could have a little sneakpeek on what's under my bed. I bet there are about few hundred pieces of this academic crap I've never posted on internet. Enjoy...


What can I say. It's a tough lifetime work... this drawing studying :)
And officially these years are up for my final exam at the art academy.

btw, few posts with other really old non-academic stuff of mine right here:
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Rorkas said...

Smagu ziureti i tokius dalykus.

PauZak said...

labai prashe kai kurie zmogenai, taad nepagailejau nors truputeli parodyti, mhe. dekui, dziugu. ir aciu!

dewlinaz said...

che, Pranukas. ir legendinis ventiliacijos vamzdis. :)

PauZak said...

:))) ouyea

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