Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FOQS studio :: Next Month

Because of a big amount of commisions and other work, construction of our FOQS studio - was delayed. website vol.1 should be lounched untill the end of October. It will contain both - English and Lithuanian languages,
portfolios with some artwork samples, design brandbooks (maybe), list of our clients, and more. Most of the work is done, actually. There's only left to make some small cosmetic design corrections and information filling.
Moreover, I have my own logo designed (finally). It was right about time...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Contest Winner :: "Gold Medallist"

Last month I made a post named Collab :: Patricio Betteo + PauZak about a fun little coloring contest on (announced by Patricio Betteo). Turned out I won "gold" and had an opportunity to make a request for a drawing. I just received it via e-mail in high-res so I could print it for my collection of drawings dedicated to me by other well-known artists. Look below - nice, huh? :)

"Seduce me" © Patricio Betteo

More from P.Betteo: betteo365.blogspot, deviantart page,
betteo.blogspot (mundos invisibles), "Never Ever After" (the latest book).

Monday, September 01, 2008

Academy Drawings :: Under My Bed

I've been having a bit tough time lately. So I haven't done any nice drawings for this week except for lousy sketches I'm not comfortable posting on blog... Anyways, I was doing a revision under my bed (you know, throwing all the crapy stuff, damaged pieces), making the pile of my old drawings a little bit smaller so I could close the catchall under my bed properly. Occasionally before I finished, I cooked up some pics so you could have a little sneakpeek on what's under my bed. I bet there are about few hundred pieces of this academic crap I've never posted on internet. Enjoy...


What can I say. It's a tough lifetime work... this drawing studying :)
And officially these years are up for my final exam at the art academy.

btw, few posts with other really old non-academic stuff of mine right here:
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