Friday, August 15, 2008

Tribute to dan-sch :: The Fowl

Speed painting with PS. Still testing stuff...

Dan Schkade (as dan-sch) is one of the most impressive young comic artists I've met on the internet. He has a gift making gripping and remarkable detective/action comic stories. And his own main character "The Fowl" has
a beautiful dark persona that could be compared with such figures as "The Shadow", "Batman", [...] though it's also a totally different, filled with drama, eke snappy and sublime player' in it's own way. I could go on and on talking, and this isn't just about the character. you should go and check out dan-sch's art gallery on

So... This time I decided to make a tribute for Fowl and draw a "Fowl car" for him! :) Dan-sch was pleasantly surprised. And I did felt like it was worth making it. - Cheers man!

"The Fowl" © by Dan Schkade

Few snapshots of the finished fragments and the same fragments with textures and blurring added.
I'm not that good at it yet, but what the heck! I'm going to learn it someday! :))

back to work'n'roll !!!


agile. said...

i like your art! this looks cool

PauZak said...

:))) wow! you're on blogspot! awesome!

thanks, cutie ;)

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