Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tools Of The Trade :: Work Station

Finally! ---
The dark days are gone... I made some money and
bought a 22 inch monitor few days ago. I can't imagine my work without it already! It's like... Working without it, would be like working without hands! hehe... drawing on PS through my little business class laptop with a 15 inch monitor, when half of it is framed by panels of color pallets n' stuff, was quite a rough thing. And a lot more difficult to draw, I must say.
Some of you readers e-mailed me questioning about the
requirements of an operating system needed to draw and what tools of the trade do I use myself.
The thing is, I have nothing very fancy to show you. I work on an old hp laptop that has already been removed from the marketing. And I'm doing just fine!
To make this post shorter and save our time, I'll just post some details:

Operating system - Win XP Home Edition SP2, 512 + 1024 RAM, Graphics - IMGA 950, HD - 49GB + 7GB recovery + 320GB External HDD Philips, Printer & Scanner - HP Photosmart 2575 all-in-one, and so on...
current desktop:

with my new LCD monitor: lenovo d221
(22" - 56.6 cm)
the image on the screen should be posted in few hours

...and a graphics tablet: wacom intuos3 A5

I'm pretty sure this is ALL you need to work just smoothly with 2D graphics :) even as a professional. Btw, if you're looking forward to an illustrators, animators career or smth like that, you might wanna check out the wacom cintiq products. I think it's the near future for EVERY artist.

The marvelous Cintiq 21UX


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