Monday, July 28, 2008

Commission :: Little Fairy

- Click here for an uncensored version - primary version of the image -
PS +

"We call them fairies. We don't believe in them. Our loss."
- Charles de Lint

What can I say... Lately I'm spending quite a time with PhotoShop, and my drawings are clearly changing. I also noticed that my drawings done only in PS looses it's sharp lines. interesting... Oh well, may be it's only a matter of habit. we'll see about that.
And the colors... It's like a new world I'm trying to fit in. So many things to try out, so much to learn. Sometimes my head gets really dizzy from all those youtube tutorials n stuff, hehe...

And here is a gif animation with some snapshots I made
while making this pic: from a primary sketch (at first I thought
about a fairy lying on a tree branch) to the final result.



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