Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back On Track :: From Practice

Last two weeks were just amazing... Me and my friends spent all the time almost fully surrounded by nature, near some reservation forests. the village contained only several houses, a small church and a boarding-school we stayed in. Every day was a day for a cold shower (no hot water), jogging, picking mushrooms and berries, playing basketball, swiming in a huge beautiful lake, and drawing, drawing, drawing [...]. Only few things I didn't like very much: every evening it was suicidal to go out cos there were millions and millions of mosquitos; the nearest shop you could get some food from was about 22km away (hitchhiking was sure tricky); and the weather was very variable - one hour it's about 30 °C in the sun and the other there's wind and rain :| this was one of the factors why most of our drawings contained crapy sketches (darn it!).
Anyways, I enjoyed the peaceful surroundings and ability to rest from all the internet, mobile and radio stuff that we usually can't avoid every day in the city :)

Here's a sneak peek only to very few of all the drawings I did.
May be I'll find some more free time and edit this post by adding more photos later...



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