Monday, July 28, 2008

Commission :: Little Fairy

- Click here for an uncensored version - primary version of the image -
PS +

"We call them fairies. We don't believe in them. Our loss."
- Charles de Lint

What can I say... Lately I'm spending quite a time with PhotoShop, and my drawings are clearly changing. I also noticed that my drawings done only in PS looses it's sharp lines. interesting... Oh well, may be it's only a matter of habit. we'll see about that.
And the colors... It's like a new world I'm trying to fit in. So many things to try out, so much to learn. Sometimes my head gets really dizzy from all those youtube tutorials n stuff, hehe...

And here is a gif animation with some snapshots I made
while making this pic: from a primary sketch (at first I thought
about a fairy lying on a tree branch) to the final result.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Work-In-Progress :: SnapShot

I accidently found this old sketch of mine and decided to use it for my todays photoshop learning I'm working on my leisure lately. As it's a totally random drawing, I'm not sure yet how it might turn out... :) Anyways, I'm hoping to get back to it some day and finish. So stick around for the result! hehe...

Ok. Back to work, men! :]

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sketches :: Of Today


Some random drawings with sharpies:

...and photoshop:

Art Poster :: In Play

A poster I made a while ago. It's
one of the first PS lessons I had :)
Gosh it seemed so hard to set the resolution and color mode! hehe...
Well, I guess I moved a lil bit further with "digitalism" in those few months.
I wonder how will my posters look for ex. a year later?

Commissions :: Jul 20 - Aug 31

- Holy double mint gum! It's time for commissions!!!

As I'm currently on vacation at my parents, I decided to spend all the free time on learning photoshop and pondering about my final disertation artwork for VDA ( Vilnius Art Academy ). Meanwhile, I surely will not refuse some freelance work. After all, I've already received few requests + FOQS studio web page is still under construction ( we are stuck with some issues ).

I'm accepting commissions Jul. 20 - Aug. 31. Eather you want an illustration, a comic strip or a painting - contact me via and we'll discuss the details.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back On Track :: From Practice

Last two weeks were just amazing... Me and my friends spent all the time almost fully surrounded by nature, near some reservation forests. the village contained only several houses, a small church and a boarding-school we stayed in. Every day was a day for a cold shower (no hot water), jogging, picking mushrooms and berries, playing basketball, swiming in a huge beautiful lake, and drawing, drawing, drawing [...]. Only few things I didn't like very much: every evening it was suicidal to go out cos there were millions and millions of mosquitos; the nearest shop you could get some food from was about 22km away (hitchhiking was sure tricky); and the weather was very variable - one hour it's about 30 °C in the sun and the other there's wind and rain :| this was one of the factors why most of our drawings contained crapy sketches (darn it!).
Anyways, I enjoyed the peaceful surroundings and ability to rest from all the internet, mobile and radio stuff that we usually can't avoid every day in the city :)

Here's a sneak peek only to very few of all the drawings I did.
May be I'll find some more free time and edit this post by adding more photos later...