Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gone For Sure? :: Naaah...

Well look who's back... talking to myself again. Wha! :)))

Hi everyone!

Few weeks ago I finished another year of school. Now I'm planning to leave civilization on July 2nd for about two weeks. No, I'm not kiddin'. Going with my classmates 'into the wild' for drawing! Will be drawing all month all day long somewhere where there is no TV, no internet, no nuttin' (how cool is that!) - NATURE. Yes, nature. I expect to get back on July 20th. Wish me luck, bastards!

P.S. I'm starting to accept commissions again from July. Gimme a note - - and we'll discuss the details ( FOQS studio is still temporary down. Lots of things to take care of ).

A little mystical illustration I made on PS for the post before leaving :)

Some boring stuff: I had lots of work for my exam session, lots of crap that I don't wanna talk about (I hate exams and I won't post anything about that). That's why I'm happy to leave my damn city and clean my head for good. I also got my scanner/printer broken down; PC reinstalled; been driving through all the country back and forth for the last two weeks (gosh I feel like I'm gonna drop dead). for ex. - tommorow I'm leaving again from Klaipeda to Vilnius (capital) - 336km for a Lenny Kravits concert and some future freelance work information. then I go back, celebrate my brothers birthday, have a week of a holiday and leave for the "head-clean-up-drawing-fiesta". I'm not sure if I'll post something till leaving. but I sure will be comming back! I hope to make more than 100 sketches and drawings. Lets hope it'll be ass kickin' stuff.

--- " Bleeeeep! End of message. " ---

- Paul.


Kristina Sabaite (krize) said...

labas Pauzak,

nepamirsh paskui mums parodyt ka pripaishei! :)

agile problemyte said...

aha, man ir butu labai idomu pamatyt tavo necivilizuotos aplinkos ikveptu piesiniu. =))

PauZak said...


ziuresim kaip ten gausis... :D

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