Thursday, May 15, 2008

Business Time :: News

FOQS studio™
- - focused on art direction, design and illustration

OK fellas,

Unfortunately I won't be posting any new stuff and information till... June? I'm not sure because I'm having an exam session right now. Plus I'm working on some art projects that I'm not able to talk about yet. And of course, me and my brother designer are opening our FOQS studio. We have some steady clients and it was right about time to make some solutions. I won't dilate upon this theme till we make all this thing "on-air". I bet it might take some time.


Rorkas said...

Good luck with your studio, have a good business. :)

ENORCA said...

D: noooo - how are we going to live without yout art? T..T That's not fair.

PauZak said...

:) but I'll be back!!! oh yes I will! ;D

Laurynas Tamošauskas said...

Nežinojau, kad tu fokusininkas ;D

PAUZAK said...

bandziau but :DD bet ne itin vykusiai.. kazkodel svetaines administratoriai niekaip nenukabina :D senai baiges sutartis ir prieeiga.. db reik prisiruost savo svetaine pasidaryt kuklia kokia..

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