Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tribute to komix :: Gift-Art

komix ( Darius Zablockis ) is one of the best professional artists here in Lt I had an oportunity to meet. Go and visit his personal website (storyboards.lt) + gallery1 (at conceptart.org) and gallery2 (at art.scene.lt).
As I'm exploring some of the PS capabilities during my study "coffee breaks" lately, I've decided to make some fan-art, gift-art/art-trade pieces for my friends in order to have more fun and keep up the interest playing with tablet. Also, I think this should make my blog more interesting.
As komix's current work is related with some character designs ( at Koei Baltija ) I've made a quick decision to draw a little fun character concept pic for him.

thumbnail doodles:
few minutes of wrist warming-up


execution: the idea for this "character design" was to combine some Japanese elements (katana, tatto) with some western* pop chick :) somehow this time I was driven off of the main thing - drawing - by the brush and colors I messed around. that explains the roughness of un-clear arms and legs :\
aaaah what the heck. I'll draw millions of these in future :]

drawing/painting almost without lines was something new and interesting for me :]


Ok. Here's one of the scraps (rejected attempt) of unfinished piece. I'm not used to this huge variaty of colours and it's quite hard for me to accustom using them. No wonder I can't decide which one's I want to use often!

stock: I used this little dragon that I found on the web. making an add like this was another discovery for me - changing angle, colors... :)) however I don't like using stock pics really, so I gues this will be one of the rare cases.


Laurynas Tamošauskas said...

Jėga tas kvadrats ir kringeliai prie panos! Mėgstu tokius add'onus ;D

PAUZAK said...

gliukas :)) mda, kadais lb idomu budavo kaip brushai veikia ir t.t.

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