Friday, April 18, 2008

Qing Ren - lover :: Character Design

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tribute to komix :: Gift-Art

komix ( Darius Zablockis ) is one of the best professional artists here in Lt I had an oportunity to meet. Go and visit his personal website ( + gallery1 (at and gallery2 (at
As I'm exploring some of the PS capabilities during my study "coffee breaks" lately, I've decided to make some fan-art, gift-art/art-trade pieces for my friends in order to have more fun and keep up the interest playing with tablet. Also, I think this should make my blog more interesting.
As komix's current work is related with some character designs ( at Koei Baltija ) I've made a quick decision to draw a little fun character concept pic for him.

thumbnail doodles:
few minutes of wrist warming-up


execution: the idea for this "character design" was to combine some Japanese elements (katana, tatto) with some western* pop chick :) somehow this time I was driven off of the main thing - drawing - by the brush and colors I messed around. that explains the roughness of un-clear arms and legs :\
aaaah what the heck. I'll draw millions of these in future :]

drawing/painting almost without lines was something new and interesting for me :]


Ok. Here's one of the scraps (rejected attempt) of unfinished piece. I'm not used to this huge variaty of colours and it's quite hard for me to accustom using them. No wonder I can't decide which one's I want to use often!

stock: I used this little dragon that I found on the web. making an add like this was another discovery for me - changing angle, colors... :)) however I don't like using stock pics really, so I gues this will be one of the rare cases.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tribute to Rorkas :: Art-Trade

Thanks for waiting, Rorkas. I appreciate your patience.
Here's my part for our art-trade, just like we discussed - non-coloured traditional media. I know you like some odd and kinda surreal things so... ghm. Well, see for yourself.
Somehow my scanner couldn't handle the sketchy copic markers I did an experiment with. I think you might like it more when you'll receive it via mail. cheers, comrade.

"warming up the lamp":

thumbnail sketches:

execution: copic sketch markers, inks and a bit of white chalk.

Yeah. Turned out like some freakin' consciousness break out or smth... weird. hmm.

For those who are interested, I've also received Rorkas's tribute - an awesome ink work on Batman. Here's a photo of my desk corner with it ( link to the original piece at Rorkas's gallery )

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

'PauZak' is not 'Anderzak'

Some people mixed up and spread some missleading information on the net.
for the clearness:

Paulius Zakarauskas
aka PauZak
IS NOT Anderzak (Andrius Zakšauskas)

Paulius Zakarauskas aka PauZak
имеет ничего общего с Anderzak (Andrius Zakšauskas).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tribute to Anderzak :: Art-Trade

3~4h of PS. And yeah, I'm novice and still pretty slow experimenting things.

During my commenting and chatting on (Lithuanian art community) I was accidently involved in an art-trade with my friend (from now on) and one of my childhood and present favorite Lithuanian artist-illustrator - Andrius Zakšauskas. check out one of his galleries here (on
I received a piece of remarkably stylised "Alien and Predator" characters from him ( the pic hanging on my desk in the photo on the left - Original here).

So I did a little one for him (the one above). I drew himself in his childhood. Just as I imagine him. The baloon in the picture is probably from his mom calling for dinner. Looks like I'm getting through with these layer things and... love the patterns for easily creating delicate textures. Moving forvard step-by-step. Yes!