Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oldies :: Scraps & Sketches

I've decided to post very few random old drawings as for a start on this blogger.
click on the image for a full (2003-'05) sketchbook view
"Fairy of the Lake"
inspired by Yonderboi track - "Fairy of the Lake"

"HellDude" (Hellboy FanArt):"The Three Sirens" - primary sketch:
"Fairy of the Lake 2" (acrylics and inks)"Vicarious Seed" (A2, pencils):
plant fragment sketch (isograph):
"Mistic Entrance"(white pastel on black A2 paper)
inspiration soundtrack by Michael Andrews - "Cellar Door":

"Ease" (etching technique 21x29cm):

"Sun God" (acrylics on canvas):

Flukas - Cover Illustration for a FanZin

Making the "Flukas" cover - snapshot

Flukas - p2 ( the project )

figure modelling:

"To Black And Back" (acrylics on paper):

fairy sketch:
"End of the Song" (etching technique 10x15cm):
commission sketches for the club decorating project:
also [link] to the accomplished work photos (realization by others)
just some figures:
(2005-'07) sketchbook vol.2 scrap :: "When I Close My Eyes"
(2005-'07) sketchbook vol.2 scrap :: "Crazy Night"

(2005-'07) sketchbook vol.2 scrap :: some of the pages

quick scenery sketching (A2, sangina):
Lithuanian politicians:some old random doodles:

I have tons of old drawings (especially from the studies) that I'm too lazy to take pictures of, scan and post. It would take me ages! Also, I'm here to post my new ones. But you can also check some of my other old drawings at and scraps at -
(Check it out. If it's still there...)


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