Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cover :: The Story of a Murderer

An interpretation of Patrick Süskind's "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" (1985, Germany) for the book illustartion-cover. (2007-12)
Red few books, browsed the internet and made some
researches for the images of symbols - such as lilly, "bleeding" moon, skull, and trees... in order to make the illustration more lyric according to the book. This b&w drawing of mine came up quite "Mignolish" (that's what my friends told me). Interesting... Cos I didn't even thought about THAT while making it. Well I'm not going to fall for this one once again, so I'm looking forward to evolve my drawing style. I really wouldn't like to be compared with someone already as big and famous as M. Mignola. Anyways, this piece is not a fresh one, so it's a lot different from the new ones I'm making now. And however, I also think it's good to have a portfolio variated in different styles and materials.

scribbles and pencils before inking:

(A4 plane paper, inks)

some work-in-progress desktop photos:

Klick on the image for a closer look.
1 -
some sketches hanging on the wall at my messy desk. 2/3 - making a bigger version of the image on hp premium plus photo paper, glossy 280g (4 x A4) + glue spray and pasteboard. 4 - At the bottom - a pic of few of my artwork files book and a sketchbook that I started in the middle of 2007.
"background" added:
(little experiment with PS CS3)


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