Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tribute to Anderzak :: Art-Trade

3~4h of PS. And yeah, I'm novice and still pretty slow experimenting things.

During my commenting and chatting on www.art.scene.lt (Lithuanian art community) I was accidently involved in an art-trade with my friend (from now on) and one of my childhood and present favorite Lithuanian artist-illustrator - Andrius Zakšauskas. check out one of his galleries here (on deviantart.com).
I received a piece of remarkably stylised "Alien and Predator" characters from him ( the pic hanging on my desk in the photo on the left - Original here).

So I did a little one for him (the one above). I drew himself in his childhood. Just as I imagine him. The baloon in the picture is probably from his mom calling for dinner. Looks like I'm getting through with these layer things and... love the patterns for easily creating delicate textures. Moving forvard step-by-step. Yes!


Rorkas said...

nu blyamba, tai siaip tai pykstu siek tiek, as tai anksciau uz Anderzauska tau piesini nupiesiau, o tu taip che, pasisiuklsinai... :(

PauZak said...

:))) cia tik apshilimui. tavo darbelis ciut sudetingesnes kompozicijos bus lipdomas. nibijok, fsia bus narmalnai. mandras vokas yra, viskas... gaves apsilaizysi .)

ENORCA said...

O kas ten per juodas debesis virš jo?
Mamai maistas prisvilo? Tada nenuostabu, kad pieštukus graužia XD

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