Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Steps :: Pilots of Love

A month ago (on February) I received an invitation to publish one of my illustrations "Pilots of Love" in "© 2008, Pravda" - Lithuanian magazine of "the free truth" (It was a "wedding" issue). Of course I gladly accepted it. That was the first time actually I got printed the public way. And then I thought I should really start a blog and a personal website (working on that one) to make myself more accessible - lounch though a weekly or monthly updated blog or something alike where I could post some of my artwork and sketches with little describtions and latest information in a solid way just like this blogger thing can offer. So here I am...

some of the few "Pilots of Love" sketches:

execution (traditional media) inspired by Alison Goldfrapp track - "Pilots":

and here's a webcam shot of the magazine:


david santos said...

Excellent work Paulius.
Thank you

rorkas said...

OOO pagaliau pamaciau tavo wacoma :)

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